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1. 3 Fish Limit (Largemouth, Smallmouth or Spotted Bass)


2. No Live Bait


3. No Trolling


4. 13" Minimum size on measuring board


5. This is a team tournament. One or two persons per boat designates a team. 3 or more persons per      vessel or two individuals fishing from the same vessel as seperate teams is not allowed. 


6. Life vest must be on and kill switch attatched while big motor is running and in gear. 


7. Off Limits areas are Russo's Marina and 50 yrds from any active gas dock. 


8. All livewells will be checked before blast off


9. Dead fish and short fish penalty is 1lb. Short fish weight will not be counted. 


10. To win big fish prize the fish weighed must be alive. Dead fish will not be eligible. 


11. Must be inside designated area by check in time or 1lb per minute late penalty will be imposed. 


12. Blast off order will determined by random number drawing the morning of the event. 


13. Sign ups will be at Toxic Baits HQ 3921 Main St. Oakley, CA during all of June and also Friday June  28th the evening before the  event at Russo's Marina or the morning of the event at Russo's Marina. 


14. Entry Fees are to be paid by CASH ONLY at time of sign up. All prize money will be paid back the    day of the event. Entry Fee is $150 ALL IN 


15. Consumption of drugs or alcohol is not allowed


16. This is a 6-Hour tournament per DFG regs so weigh in times will be determined by morning blast      off times. 


17. The Tournament Director has the final decision on all matters pertaining to the "Toxic Tourney". 

Early Sign Ups

Boater or Kayak Division
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