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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

I've been sitting the past month thinking and wondering what to do with this BLOG. Lots of ideas have come and gone. I am partners in and try to contribute there with my spare efforts. That leaves this BLOG in a kind of a no mans land. I thought maybe just make vids and post short thoughts or what's going on with the biz that week. Typing takes time and I seem to have little of that these days. But the lack of time is self inflicted. I ride myself harder than anyone ever could. Guilt is my best friend and my worst enemy. Not guilt that is accountable to others, only to myself. (WTF there is some annoying electronic buried in a drawer of this desk screeching.. SMH) Well here I am typing. Not fishing, not working.. so to speak at least. Today was a day I said I would just chill. My back is constantly bothering me so a day to relax is prob a good idea now and again, but this sucks. I hate it.

I don't know why it bothers me to sit idle. The idea of laying on the deck on my boat floating doesn't seem at all like a waste of time. But doing the same at home when there is so much to be done is crippling. And therein lies the beauty, at least that's what I think of why we all enjoy it. Fishing. Cuz I really love fishing. Like... I LIKE IT A LOT! An unhealthy obsession is a more accurate description. Yet, Im not the only one. As anglers, we are willing to sacrifice so much to pursue our passions. Some people more than others but all avid anglers seem to do it to some degree. I'm a weird guy and solely focused when it comes to things. I don't have other interests or pursuits. I don't even wonder what the experiences would be like. Driving a ferrari or riding a mountain bike downhill like a badass (my friend is a skier/mountain biker and pursues his passions intently) sounds cool and I like to watch the vids if they pop up. Besides that, I could care less personally. I don't watch sports or UFC or even care to discuss the topic. THAT'S WEIRD. I KNOW LOL. But somehow since im solely interested in fishing, it's normal. There's a lot of us!!! Weirdos that wake up and go to sleep thinking about the practice of capturing fish, only to RELEASE them back as quickly as possible most times. We are a community but more than that, we are a culture. An amazing one that bridges all socio-economic gaps, racial divides, age barriers and even language barriers. On instagram, Japan and the US just can leave comments in Emojis and there's no translation needed (most times lol). How fucking amazing is that?! Especially in the current times we are facing in the world in 2020.

I don't know crap about BLOGS.. haven't even read one that I can remember. I hope im doing this right. Im drinking these shit ass TRULYS cuz they have been sitting in the pantry too long. I'm gonna roll this BLOG when I can, hopefully a lot I guess. It will prob be very random. Above I spoke about community and that's what this is about, connecting with the community because honestly I don't have any other options. Its "fish or die" for me. I can honestly say besides my family and my son, fishing is the only thing i've been passionate about FULLY and it has always given me a purpose. Although it's a meager purpose, thats ok with me, its substantial enough. The past 2.5 yrs building baits has been a whirlwind and the new people I have met are amazing. Funny how you meet some people through a common interest and find someone cut from the same cloth. Like reuniting with a longtime friend you have never met. There's a brotherhood and bond that fishing provides. At least I feel there is. As a fisherman, I have never been shunned. Maybe teased, made fun of and told to "cut bait" but I know my role. The same guy teasing you will hand you a rod with a tuna attached 10 minutes later and do everything in his power to get that fish in the boat. Just to share the experiences is priceless. I think more people should fish, the world would be a better place.

Ok i'll tie this one off here. Im sure that the grammatical errors and punctuation will drive some of you wild but im just gonna let it ride. So, it looks like this BLOG is gonna be a bit personal, but we'll see how it goes. Thanks for stopping in an giving this a moment of your time. I'm gonna throw some pictures up in here now, not sure why, but maybe it will spice it up. TRULYS and seltzers are trash BTW.

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